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Pigeon Clocking System

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3rd Party Gateway & Access Number Provider


FYI: To all clubs using our WEB & WAP Clocking system/service, after this Summer Race 2014, we will no longer support this service, it will be transferred to M2M, CounterBytes and PJON group, they will be the one who will run and give you this service. Thanks

To all Clubs using 2800, 9301 & 2948 we have until this Summer Race 2014. 09229992358 until March 31, 2014 after the said date we will no longer be using 2800, 9301, 2948 and 09229992358 - we have a NEW Access number 2929 Globe & Smart. If you want to have your own access numbers you may contact our 3rd party providers (M2M, CounterBytes & PJON)

Official Access Numbers

Coming soon!