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YonaPro Enterprise


To know all about the different versions that we are offering, please read the following packages.

New Pigeon Clocking System ver 3.0

With automatic velocity/speed computation and built-in Race Manager.

You can get this services by using your mobile phones:
CLUB RELEASE - get/set the release time
CLUB RELEASE N 18 20 54.1 E 121 38 29.77 - with real time coordinates transmission
CLUB RESULT - combined Old and Young Birds
CLUB RESULTYB - for Young Birds
CLUB RESULTOB - for Old Birds
CLUB FORECAST - speed forecasting/prediction
CLUB CUTOFF - individual cutoff time
CLUB SUNRISE - actual sunrise
CLUB SUNSET - actual sunset
CLUB REG MEMBERID - registration of mobile phone
CLUB UNREG - remove mobile number from the registration list
CLUB SCHEDULE - get the current race schedule
CLUB TEST - for testing purposes only

How about sending pictures and videos, on the system. Then download the images and videos to your mobile phones. Instead of returning the rubberbands or stickers, you can take a picture of them then send it via MMS. You can also take videos of the actual release then send it via MMS, so all your members can download it or watch it on the web site.