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Pigeon Clocking System

Online Application · Screencast · Download Manual · Introduction

I.  Android App

A pigeon-race clocking app developed for YonaPro subscribers. With ONLINE (internet) and OFFLINE (sms) capabilities.

Aside from the common commands, this can also scan QR and barcode-type race stickers for faster clocking. You can set your club(s) and your mobile number(s), view race results, check your coordinates and be aware of weather condition.

Download, install and create an account using this app for FREE. Then link your mobile number.

II.  Web App

A web clocking app developed for non-android users with similar interface and features as what we have on the android app. No need to install. Just browse, login and clock..

ONLINE (internet) only.

III.  SMS Clocking

To continue using SMS clocking systems of CounterBytes and JEG, you should have an existing YonaPro account with registered mobile number. To clock, use their existing text codes then send to their respective access numbers.


"IPigeon is our latest software application. Our goal is to add more excitement on your pigeon-racing experience through our innovative applications. With full integrity, we are committed in providing quality products and reliable services - demonstrating that this is always the best home of your pigeons."